Frequently Asked Questions

1. My in-game damage doesn't match the "base" number you say it should.
The D3 API gives incorrect damage info for offhands. You can manually change it in the option that comes up, though you will lose some other display information. You may have a strange passive (such as conflagration) that I've done my best to try to incorporate even though the in-game sheet doesn't cound them. As a general rule, everything on this site assumes best case scenarios, with little movement, perfect cooldown use, and long fights.
2. Not all of my heroes are showing.
Only the first 9 heroes show currently. Move your hero up the list in-game and they should show up.
3. My "main skill" isn't my real main skill.
The calculator first looks for a "secondary" skill, then defaults to the skill in right mouse click. DPS calculation for all skills is in the works.
4. What does "increase" mean in the table?
This is the percentage that each item increases your dps by. It doesn't count set bonuses. The lowest item is shown in red and is the one you should work on replacing first, usually.
5. The table is showing incorrect items on hover.
The hover script is cobbled together and relies on some inconsistencies in the D3 API. The data gathered for the table is correct, even if the hovered item looks wrong.
6. My passive skills look wrong / where are my runes?
This is another issue of the hover script. It can't currently get runes so the best option was to re-display a passive if it's rune was also adding passive damage.
7. The Paragon Suggester is wrong!
The Paragon Suggester works on an internal formula that is the same for all characters. It can't currently determine builds and suggest that way. There is a version in the works that goes for optimum damage.
8. How does the 2.0.5 patch affect elemental damage?
+% Damage on weapons will now correctly apply to all +% elemental types of damage instead of just Physical. Honestly, I don't know. It used to be that only the flat physical damage on weapons would get a bonus from +% elemental damage. I believe that now, all skills convert all damage to their element type, regardless of the type shown on the + part of the weapon.
"The bugfix is implemented, but it doesn´t affect items that dropped prior to patch 2.0.5. Seems like the devs stick with their "don´t touch legacy items" philosophy and the blue post didn´t say certainly either." - Update June 12/14 - the change does affect old items now, and the API is updated appropriately!