The D3Robot calculator was an idea for my computer science course, CS50x. It was borne out of my desire to see my true DPS without having to hunt through forums for spreadsheets and to guess at what each column was. I ultimately wanted to be able to do it faster, to check my other charaters and those of my friends, and to see how my character changed over time.

D3Robot was made possible by the support of these fine people:


Not only for creating an incredible game, but for providing a limitless, in-depth API that, without which, this website wouldn't be possible (even though there are some glaring holes in the API)!

Blizzard Tooltip

This is the script of the official Blizzard tooltip. It looks beautiful but it only links to items on their game guide - not specific items worn by characters, only the general versions.

Custom Tooltip

This is custom tooltip script, written by poster Davem. It allows specific items so you can hover your real pieces of gear!


They show the most used builds and passives, and were an excellent starting place for which skills to look at and include.

D3 Maxstats

The inspiration for the "increase" column in the calculator, they show you the best stats you can get for each slot.


This is the guy who made the original texture for the calculator background. I use his stuff in lots of personal projects and it was nice to be able to show his work off to the public more, here.

CSS Button Generator

Helped make the site look prettier with much nicer buttons!